“I Feel Both Ways,” Drawings & Paintings by Clare Johnson

November 18, 2017—January 6, 2018
Artist Reception: Thursday Dec. 7, 7p.m.
Hopvine Pub, Capitol Hill
507 15th Avenue East, Seattle

Questions/Contact Information:
Scott Martin 206-898-5460
Hopvine 206-328-3120; email:scott.martin97@gmail.com

Exhibition Statement: In life, opposing truths, experiences, and feelings often exist together. Our usual forms of communication are unequipped to express this, however, without one reality becoming the dominant or right one, or both negating each other. I Feel Both Ways celebrates a large-scale drawing of the same name that was two years in the making, but also speaks to how Johnson uses art to say multiple things at once. Her work is inspired by the idea of a band-aid, a profoundly ordinary object that means two things at the same time—healing attention, and a wound. The acrylic paintings are both a way of traveling back to specific past moments, and an expression of the impossibility of really doing so. Likewise, she draws to find comfort; each ink drawing comes from a feeling of unease but is also the thing that soothed it. Clare Johnson is a writer and visual artist. Honors include a Michael S. Harper Poetry Prize, Jack Straw Writing Fellowship, Artist Trust Grant for Artist Projects (to expand her series of drawings based on favorite books), 4Culture funding (to make art to be used as giant interactive digital backdrops for the play Our Town), and the Grand Prize in Allied Arts Foundation’s 2017 Emerging Artist Grant Awards. Her ongoing “Post-it Note Project” (drawing/writing on a post-it each night to remember something from the day) was featured in Real Change, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Weekly, and Seattle Review of Books.

Co-sponsored by Raven Chronicles and Hopvine Pub. Curated by Les Morely. Thanks to 4Culture/King County lodging tax, Office of Arts & Culture: Seattle, and ArtsWA/Washington State Arts Commission with NEA funding, for partial funding of our 2017 programs. www.ravenchronicles.org