2018 Raven Chronicles Pushcart Prize Nominations

The editors of Raven Chronicles, A Journal of Art, Literature & The Spoken Word, are pleased to announce our nominations for the 2018 Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series, the prize chosen by Pushcart Press that anthologizes the best of the small presses publishing this year. The editors of Raven Chronicles nominate the following writers for their work published in Vol. 24 and Vol. 25, in 2017.

From Vol. 25, November, 2017: Balancing Acts—

1. Fiona Farrell, “Decline and Fall on Savage Street”— Novel Excerpt, pgs. 57-68. Novel excerpt from Decline and Fall on Savage Street, Penguin Random House, New Zealand, 2017.

2. Edward Harkness “Neighborhood Crows”— poem, pgs. 22-23.

3. Nic Low, “Ear to the Ground”— essay, pgs 77-90. “Ear to the Ground,” first published in longer form in Griffith Review 35: Surviving, January, 2012 (https://griffithreview.com/articles/ear-to-the-ground/).

From Vol. 24, June, 2017: HOME—

4. Diane Glancy, “It Is Over There by That Place, A Remix of English Influenced by the Loss of the Native Language”— essay, pg. 120-122.

5. Tom Hunley, “Tom Tripped On A Loose Stair And An Angelic Choir Sounded Like Falling Rain”— poem, pg. 130.

6. John Olson, “Yesterday’s Rain”— essay, pgs. 165-168.