poets against hate
Poets (speak out) Against Hate
: 53 poets read on February 13, 2016, Saturday, 2-5 p.m., at The Seattle Public Library’s Central Library. 1000 Fourth Avenue. They are reading one (1) poem, 1-2 minutes max. Readings in English, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic and Russian. The reading is “family friendly” and kids of all ages are invited. This community event is co-sponsored by: The Seattle Public Library, It’s About Time Writers, Raven Chronicles, 4Culture, Jack Straw Cultural Center, and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.


  1. Paul Hunter, The Tar Pit
  2. Claudia Castro Luna, Who says roses don’t come from ideas?
  3. Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Pacheco w/Katherine Wickhorst, Escritos Ineditos / Unpublished Writings
  4. Katherine Grace Bond, Stones
  5. Ann Teplick, The Hope That Love Will Win
  6. Anna Balint, Grandson
  7. Esther Altshul Helfgott, Pantoum for Northgate Mosque, for Mitra and Payam
  8. Jose Carrillo, Checks & Balances
  9. Phoebe Bosche, There’s Always Sarajevo
  10. Rebecca Woods Meredith, Security
  11. Ann Batchelor Hursey, In Afghanistan
  12. Mare Hake, The Tripping Ground
  13. Larry Crist, Fight Lessons
  14. Priscilla Long, Lecture to a Girlfriend
  15. Lydia Swartz, I married this guy when I was 18 to get it over with…
  16. Mitra Lotfi Shemirani, I have pinned the map
  17. Payam Fotouhiyehpour, poet-killing
  18. Jack Remick, Daesh Slaughters the Bearded Bull
  19. Raul Sanchez, If My Hands Could Talk
  20. Clear, A Reading from the Book of Man
  21. Steve Potter, Rainier Avenue South
  22. Michael Daley, War Crimes
  23. Marianne Weltmann, Semantic Sonnet for a Sunday Morning
  24. Georgia S. McDade, Georgia’s Time
  25. Carmelo Gonzalez w/Jose Carrillo, Asedio/Siege
  26. Julene Tripp Weaver, This World Layered with Memories of Tragedy
  27. David Tookey, Spring’s Finest Yellow
  28. Angelica Guillen, so speaks my pain
  29. Larry H. Ebersole, Appeal
  30. Jorge Vilchiz, w/Jose Carrillo, Tu Rostro/Your Face
  31. Jacqueline Ware, Driven to Distraction: The KKK Effect
  32. Christine Clarke, Love/Hate
  33. Lola E. Peters, Free Admission
  34. Victor Fuentes, Mi Hogar/Where I Live
  35. Leszek Chudzinski, I’m A Homeless Man
  36. Robert Francis Flor, The Plagues
  37. Bridget Yule, How?
  38. Reneene Robertson, Creative Genius
  39. Lawrence Matsuda, (Read by Paul Hunter) Just a Short Note to Say Something You Already Know, For Donald’s Daughter, Ivanka Trump
  40. Kevin J. O’Conner, I have questions
  41. Jourdan Keith, Tick Tock
  42. Catherine Sutthoff Slaton, Unum Theoria
  43. Claire Jackson, Past Tense
  44. Laura Gonzalez, Desplome / Collapse
  45. Lyn Coffin, A Weekday Dinner
  46. David Fewster, It’s Hard To Get A Good Lunch, Anymore
  47. Thomas Hubbard, Coffeeshop, Lower Queen Anne
  48. Katelyn Durst, Why is the City of Flint allowed to Waste Away?
  49. Catherine Salman, Perhaps One Should
  50. Valeria Viniarskaia w/Leszek Chudzinski, Gratitude
  51. M Anne Sweet, Sun Dance
  52. Faiza Sultan, I have plenty of things
  53. Kat Humphrey, Giddy and the Gorgeous Fruit: Post-Valentine’s-Day Shopping


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    1. Hello Coklana. Sorry it took so long to get back to you; we are just building our new website.
      If you are in the Puget Sound area, come to the reading on Saturday at 2 pm. At the end of the year, or next year this time, we will publish a book with all the poems read at this event. Other than that, we don’t have specific info on the poets or their work to post. Check the internet: many of the poets have websites. Best, Phoebe

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