November, 2014: My Pumpkin Pie Recipe
A poem by Tricia Knoll

January, 2014: To Hamburger Patties
A poem by Dennis Caswell

May, 2013: Salsa Verde
A poem by Raul Sanchez

October, 2012: Ode to Butterscotch Pudding
An essay by Lorraine Healy

September, 2012: Elegy for a Mollusk
An essay by Alice Lowe

September, 2012: Dieting In The Raw: An A to Z
An essay by Thomas Flynn

April, 2012: Barefoot Kitchen
An essay by Jacqueline Haskins

Seven Ways of Looking at a Corkscrew -
A poem by Tina Schumann

Julia Child Comes for Lunch Mexican Cheese Soup -
A poem by Susan J. Erickson

Camp French Toast -
A poem by Paul S. Piper

Kitchen Accessory -
A poem by Stephen Dinsmore

The Shapes of Childhood -
An essay by Joe Mills

A Taste of Family History -
An essay by Sheri McGregor

Special: Featured Article on Food Zines, by Tamara Kaye Sellman

The Harvesters - A poem by Rhonda Pettit

Uncle Jack - Short essay by Mary Lou Sanelli

Root of Constancy - Short fiction by Karen Ackland

Pica at Altitude - A poem by Arthur Ginsberg

The Bread Store -  A poem by Jeff Crandall

Cleaning Out the Fridge - A poem by Martha Silano

 Jewel is to Fruit - A poem by Dana Elkun

Add Ingredients and Stir - A poem by Anne Fraser
Soup Story - An essay by Abha Iyengar

The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life Opened - A poem by Sharon Carter

Chocolate Chip Cookie - A piece by Marcia Woodard

Zen and the Art of Noodles - An essay by Jan Hodgman

Reality Cooking Show and Picking Cherries - two poems by Kelli Russell Agodon

Grace Baking - A poem by Ronda Broatch

Taboo - A poem by Tamara Kaye Sellman

Cursi - an essay by Mary Jane Beaufrand.

Cooking as an Art Form - an essay by Jack Foster.

Pa Catalan - a poem by Elizabeth Alexander

Sunday's School - a prose poem by Michael J. O'Brien

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