"Shining Horns"*

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Sketch from the Transitive Valley
By Bill Yake


“…scientific thought consists in following as
closely as may be the actual and entangled lines
of force as they pulse through things.”
Ernest Fenollosa

I notice man sees horse grazes grass grows itself.

Wind blows seeding grass sends hay scent wafts with air through valley.

Valley funnels day breeze upstream points east breathes hay-scent air lifts moisture.

Chill makes droplet holds pollen seeds droplet grows chill.

Drop pulls earth pulls drop drops itself. 

Drops join one another wet soil grows grass blooms itself. 

Seeds seed grass greens valley holds me/man/horse/soil grass swells all.

All swallows one drinks pollen discolors eyelid blinks itself.




Bill Yake lives just north of Olympia near the Green Cove ravine, a mossy retreat 60+ years into second-growth. After 27+ years of investigating air, sediment and water pollution, he recently retired to focus on poetry, nonfiction freelancing, natural history, travel, and the biogeography of Washington butterflies. His poetry is found regularly in Wild Earth, convolvulus and Fine Madness; less frequently in Wilderness Magazine, Puerto del Sol, ISLE – Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature and the Environment, Rattle, and Willow Springs. He is the recent recipient of Alligator Juniper’s national poetry prize. His chapbooks include Confluence and (Givin’ Critters) Short Shrift (Radiolarian Press).