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BRIDGES Not Walls – sponsored by Los Norteños, Juan Alonso-Rodriguez, and The Raven Chronicles. February 28, 5-7 pm, Juan Alonso-Rodriguez Gallery, 306 S. Washington St,. #104, Seattle.

In the interest of building bridges, not walls, in the current climate of distrust, fear, and uncertainty, we invite you to participate in a modest cultural experiment. Juan Alonso-Rodriguez, visual artist and gallery owner, has invited us to present a literary evening in his Front Room Gallery on February 28, 5 – 7 pm.

Writers will work mostly in pairs. Given ten minutes, they can split the time and each read original work for five minutes, collaborate on a new creation that uses all ten minutes, or choose a third person or party to use their time. Song, poetry, prose, and theater are invited.
 How well do you share?  Who’s voice are you displacing by insisting on your own? Who should be in Juan’s front room who is, for some reason, denied access?

Readings/Performances by:

M.C. Kathleen Alcalá

Elena Camarillo / Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs

José Carrillo / Carmelo Gonzalez

Jim Cantu / Marta Sanchez

Anita Endrezze / Maiah Merino

Break: Jacque Larrainzar, music presentation

Catalina Marie Cantú / Robert Frances Flor

Raul Sanchez / Kathleen Alcalá

Phoebe Bosché / Anna Bálint

Donna Miscolta / Carletta Carrington Wilson

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