Vol. 11, No. 2: "War Veterans & Peacekeepers"

Raven notes

95 Publisher's Notes

95 Errata

96 Artists' Notes, Bios & Credits



14 Jerry and The Mick , Essay by Mark Sargent

15 Memorials , Poem by James Martin

16 Early. Ordinary Wind and Rain, Black Morning, Old City , Poem by Robert Gregory

18 Ishmael , Fiction by Lee Wilkins

22 Requiem For An Eight-Year-old , Fiction by Mike Lipstock

The NorthWest

02 A Conversation with Abe Osheroff, Part II , Interview by Rita Fritz Amer

10 Art of Resistance, Artists' Conference , Essay by Susan N. Platt

Rants, Raves & Reviews

88 On The Way To Khe Sanh, War Poems by John Immel Akins

Reviewed by Jim Bodeen

91 Reading Seattle: , The city In Prose, Edited by Peter Donahue & John Trombold

Reviewed by Meghan DeVries

92 Red Town, Poems by Judith Skillman

Reviewed by Sharon Carter

94 Luna's California Poppies, Fiction by Alma Luz Villanueva

Reviewed by Anita Endrezze

Spoken Word/Storytelling

48 Wolf and Skull, Poem by Lawrence Welsh

59 No Time For Dreamers, Poem by Paul Nelson

Food & Culture

24 Zen & The Art of Noodles, Essay by Jan Hodgman

Poetics : Aesthetics

27 The English Majors, Will Have Their Day, Fiction by David Massengill

Emerging Voices

33 People I Have Been, Fiction by Elliott Bangs

Mapping the Terrain

38 Feline to My Feminine, Essay by Jeffe Kennedy

42 Parque 3 de Febrero, Narrative Sketch by Robert Richter

43 Ghost Writer, Fiction by Muriel Moulton

47 America, a True Story, Poem by Stephen Thomas

Feature: War Veterans & Peacekeepers

12 The All, Poem by Mario Susko

13 Numbers Tattooed on My Wrist, Poem by Ben Wilensky

17 Late Cold War At The Brzezinskis', Poem by Robert N. Watson

46 A Parade On June 25th, Fiction by Don Kunz

49 Single Handed, Poem by Joan Fiset

50 Ambush, Poem by Joan Fiset

51 My Rusty Cage, Monologue by Gordon Janow

52 Army Nurses, Vietnam, 1966, Poem by Kathleen Walsh Spencer

53 Letter To Leo Tapia In Kuwait, Near The Iraqi Border, Poem by Jim Bodeen

54 Love and War, Fiction by Sybil Smith

58 Some Women, Take Heart, Poem by Andrena Zawinski

61 Young Girl with Two Kittens, a Chicken and her Father's Rifle, Vietnam 1974, Poem by Alan Catlin

61 Watching Whitney, Poem by Jim Douglas

62 The Poem My Father Wrote Called Fish, Memoir by Kirsten Rybczynski

65 A Man Hits Your Wife, Poem by Rich Furman

65 Things Were Flying Off The Wall, Poem by Lyn Lifshin

66 What is a Veteran, Essay by Edward McMahon

67 Veterans' Day, 2000, Essay by Ted McMahon

68 Algiers; 1956, Fiction by Ryan Miller

71 Open Pit Silo, Poem by Steve Myers

71 For Friends Missing in Action, Poem by Walt McDonald

72 Christmas In A Barn, Memoir by Eugene C. Flinn

75 England, 1943: My Summer of Roses, Story by Edith M. Ellwood

76 My Log: Convoy PQ16, War Diary by Sam Hakam

82 Awareness of War, Fiction by George Lamb

84 The New West, Fiction by Darren Higgins

86 Lifestyles of the Rich and Berserk, Essay by John Olson


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