Vol. 12, No. 1: "ConVicted:
More Than A Number"

Several times a year we create an online Raven which mirrors our print issue(s). This is a condensed, excerpted version of our print issue. Our online magazine also features work (like Art Attack) unique to our web site and not found in print anywhere.

Table of Contents: ConVicted

04 Introduction

Cover Art by: Paul Sarkis

Illustration by Jeff Niles Hacking

05 Leroy Writes His “T”, Fiction by Clarence Faulkner

07 Artemia Nigercana , Fiction by Douglas Gohl

11 Drawing by J. Niles Hacking

12 Gathering Spring , Poem by David John Lennon

13 Korea, Land of The Morning Calm , Poem by Lowell Anspaugh

14 Entertrapment , Essay by Jeff Conner

16 Cajun Queen , Poem by R.E. Bourne

17 Something New , Fiction by Julian Cordova

20 Ward “B” , by Lowell Anspaugh

24 A Hole Full of Skye , Fiction by J. Niles Hacking

27 The Bird , Poem by David John Lennon

28 The Dakota Kid , Fiction by Bruce Mulligan

36 Beloved of Existence , Poem by Charles Farnsworth

37 What is Life? , Musings by David Blum

38 Shadow of The Night , Poem by John Hovey

39 Old Bill Young , by Lowell Anspaugh

42 Infidelity , by Lowell Anspaugh

43 My Wife , Poem by Bruce Mulligan

43 Love , Poem by Bruce Mulligan

44 Momentum Thoughts , Poem by Jeff Conner

45 “Momma...that ol' man looks like....”, by Clarence Faulkner

47 Miscreant Plumbing , by K.R. Newman

50 Hush Hush... , Fiction by John Hovey

52 Guiltless , Poem by Bruce Mulligan

53 When Nothing Is Possible , Poem by David John Lennon

54 The Best Job in the Joint , by Clarence Faulkner

55 Quintessence , Poem by Bill Pawlyk

55 Time & Space , Poem by Bill Pawlyk

56 The Keypunch Refusal , by Clarence Faulkner

57 Prison Violence , by Jeff Conner

59 Northern Iraq, April 2003 , Novel excerpt by K.R. Newman


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