Vol. 12, No. 2: "Obsessions"

Several times a year we create an online Raven which mirrors our print issue(s). This is a condensed, excerpted version of our print issue. Our online magazine also features work (like Art Attack) unique to our web site and not found in print anywhere.

Table of Contents: OBSESSIONS

Raven Notes

Publisher's Notes 03

Erratum, Credits 96

Artists' Bios 95

Food & Culture

John Akins 32 Food on a Plate , Poem

Mapping The Terrain

Stephen Thomas 04 Dreamland , Essay, Letter From Bohemia

David Massengill 08 Break from Baghdad , Flash fiction, pictures from The Front

John S. Weeren 09 The Playing Field , Fiction, the Runner

Brian Goedde 40 Suburban Terror & The Rise of the Strip Mall , Essay, isolation, ignorance in Suburbia

Deborah J. Taffa 56 Black Metal Magic , Fiction, from a novel set in 1910


John Thompson 20 Help Wanted , Fiction, the one that got away

Rick Kemp 27 Memories of a Father , Creative Non-Fiction, stopping between...

Michael Hureaux 97 For Louise , Poem, remembering Louise Dovell

The Northwest

Polly Buckingham 33 Burial , Fiction, excerpt from Long White Robe


Laurie Blauner 15 The Fictive Self , Fiction, catching language

Feature: Obsessions

Erin M. Fristad 21 In The Bedroom , Poem

Lorri Lambert-Smith 31 Rush , Poem

Kevin Frazier 38 The Secret Skills of , Stewart Sanders , Fiction, fingering scabs

Knute Skinner 39 A Last Sight , Poem

Rodger Moody 43 The Novice , Poem

John Olson 44 The Night I Dropped Shakespeare On The Cat, Prose Poem

Kevin Miller 46 For Robert, Home Depot Poet , Poem

Monica Schley 47 The Musicians , Poem

Four Poems & Paintings from Each Scar A Broken Arc, A Literary and Visual Art Collaboration:

Craig Van Riper 48 That's How It Was , Poem, & painting by Suzanne Brooker

Craig Van Riper 49 To Befool Or Not To Be , Poem, & painting by Suzanne Brooker

Craig Van Riper 50 Judgment Again , Poem, & painting by Suzanne Brooker

Craig Van Riper 51 All Relative Man , Poem, & painting by Suzanne Brooker

Sunil Hariani 52 Secrets of Isis , Fiction, reaching Shilea

Laura Sheahen 55 Ballad for Vengeance , Poem

Diane Elayne Dees 60 When I Sailed With The Queen , Fiction, Sail Thou Forth, Bette Davis

Donald Levering 67 The Wind That Is Always Holy , Poem

Annette M. Rodriguez 68 Predawn Beauty , Fiction, facing bacteria: Necrotizing Faciitis

Rachel Harrington 76 Emptyroom , Fiction, the hardest room to let

Karen Franklin 78 Frame of Mind , Fiction, the minefield

Molly Norris 80 Identity & Fetish: A Critical Look at Studio Practice , Essay, the articulator

Elana Zaiman 88 On Turning Gray , Essay, drawing the line

Sharon Reitman 92 What A Man Deserves , Fiction, the Lord's work


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