Vol. 13, No. 1: "Whimsies"

Several times a year we create an online Raven which mirrors our print issue(s). This is a condensed, excerpted version of our print issue. Our online magazine also features work (like Art Attack) unique to our web site and not found in print anywhere.

Table of Contents: WHIMSIES

Raven Notes

Publisher's Notes

Credits 96

Artists' Bios 96

Food & Culture

Phonda Pettit 25, The Harvesters , Poem

Elizabeth Alexander 26 Saturday Night in Middle Age , Poem

Jeff Crandall 27 The Bread Store , Poem

Mike Lipstock 28 The Crisp White Suit , Fiction, "We'll always have Venice"

Mary Lou Sanelli 31 Uncle Pete , Essay, "May, 2005"

Martha Silano 32 Cleaning Out the Fridge , Poem

Nature Writing

Derek Sheffield 70 Fall Away , Poem

Derek Sheffield 71 Waiting, Again, Poem

Bill Yake 72 Sketch from the Transitive Valley, Poem

John Haines 73, Return to Richardson, Spring, 1981, Poem

The Northwest

klipschutz 13 And Here We Are , Poem

Richie Swanson 14 Creator Bird, Fiction, Oystercatcher & Stories of Creation

Polly Buckingham 18 The Burial, Chaper 8, Fiction, excerpt from Long White Robe


Sarah Broudy 04 A Work in Progress , An interview with poet Carolyne Wright

Hugo House 10 Chance: Existential Horse Opera , An interview with writer
James Knisely

Rants, Raves & Reviews

D.L. Birchfield 74 Field of Honor , Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

margareta waterman 75, iteration ,
Reviewed by Judith Roche

Rayn Roberts 76 Of One and Many Worlds , Reviewed by Christopher J. Jarmick

Maria Victoria 79 Les Dejo El Mar , Reviewed by M. Nelida Mendoza

Barbara Kremen 81, The Damsel Fly and other stories ,
Reviewed by Catherine Spangler

John Amer 82 More of Me Disappears , Reviewed by Jeannine Hall Gailey

Brenda Serotte 84 The Fortune Teller's Kiss , Reviewed by Kathleen Alcala

Mariela Griffor 85, Exiliana ,
Reviewed by Ilya Kaminsky

Corey Mesler 86, The Hole In Sleep ,
Reviewed by Elizabeth Myhr

Robert Gregory 87, The Beautiful City of Weeds ,
Reviewed by Elizabeth Myhr

Kathryn Rantala 88 The Plant Waterer and Other Things in Common ,
Reviewed by Norman Lock

Mathias de Breyne 93 Baby Beat Generation... , Reviewed by Andrew Langer

Spoken Word

Marion Kimes 33, Barometer Check, Poem

Feature: Whimsies

Christopher T. Hunter 01 Kite , Poem

Ann E. Gerike 30 The Sea Cucumber , Poem

Elizabeth DeMatteo 34 How I Came To Be A Criminal, Fiction, "My Twin"

Dolly Morse 39 The Zodiac , Poem

Cathy Ruiz 40 Coyote, the trickster... , Poem

Charlie Burks 42, What the universe, Poem

Charlie Burks 42 excerpt from Volume, Poem

Peter Pereira 43 Missed, Poem

Sue Pace 44 My Life As A Sane Person, Fiction, "Foile A Deux"

Natasha K. Moni 55 Perhaps they were bored, the Gods, Poem &

David L. Whited 56 Adaptability, Poem

David L. Whited 57 coyote got spots in his eyes..., Poem

David Lloyd Whited 58, who invented this moonlit land..., Poem

David L. Whited 59 the darker side of coyote, Poem

Greg Bamford 60 My cat--the well-known German philosopher--, Poem

Jeffery Bahr 61 Brand Loyalty, Poem

Jeff Crandall 62, Satan Escapes From Hell, Poem

Michael Spence 63 S.D.E. (Strategic Defense Epitaph), Poem

David Massengill 64 The Unfortunates, Fiction, "The Gentleman and the Valet"

Nathan Whiting 65 Yellow Eggplant, Empty Cocoon, Poem

Cecelia Hagen 66 The Bent World, Poem

Kelli Russell Agodon 68 Notes From a Consultation With a Dream Psychic, Poem

Paul Hunter 97 Excerpt from The Other End of Love, Poem

Art & Artists

Polly Purvis: Covers, 17,33,41,42,45,49,63,67,97, Photos

Wally Shoup: 1,29,35,65,69, Paintings

G. Tod Slone: 19,23, Photos

Richie Swanson: 15, Photo


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