Vol. 13, No. 2: "Citizen, Subject, Slave"

Several times a year we create an online Raven which mirrors our print issue(s). This is a condensed, excerpted version of our print issue. Our online magazine also features work (like Art Attack) unique to our web site and not found in print anywhere.

Table of Contents: Citizen, Subject, Slave

Raven Notes

Publisher's Notes

Credits 63

Artists' Bios 64

Beyond Borders: Mapping the Terrain

Craig Van Riper, Back Cover, Bicycle, Poem

Craig Van Riper 06 Lumber, Poem

Jesse Minkert 08 Sylvia's Hair, Poem

Gyorgy Faludy 09 Majora, The Technocrat of Tangier (1978), Poem,
Translated by Paul Sohar

Cai Qijiao 09 Dreaming While Awake (1988), Poem,
Translated by Edward Morin, Fang Dai and Dennis Ding

Emerging Voices

Sandra Meade 27, Going to the Ball , Poem

Food & Culture

Dayna Mari 13, No Soup for the Nihilist Soul , Fiction, "Soup should be hot"

Ralph La Rosa 15 That Grind We're In, Poem

Ralph La Rosa 15 Mom's Broccoli, Poem

Ralph La Charity 16 The Meal, Poem

Nature Writing

James Bertolino 17 The Mystery, Poem

The Northwest

Brian McGuigan 18 war, Poem

Lawrence Matsuda 19 Matsutake Tori--The Last Pine Mushroom Hunt, Poem


Dan Thompson 20 Interview, Fiction, "A claim by Robert Frost"

Belle Randall 22 Having Tea with Blake: Self Publication & the Art of Richard Denner, Essay

Prison Writings: Inside & Out

Judith Roche 28 Throw Aways, Poem

Rants, Raves & Reviews

Elizabeth Cook-Lyn 60 The Power of Horses and Other Stories ,
Reviewed by Kathleen Alcala

Elizabeth Cook-Lyn 60 Notebooks of Elizabeth Cook-Lyn ,
Reviewed by Kathleen Alcala

Norman Lock 61, The Long Rowing Unto Morning ,
Reviewed by Catherine Spangler

Spoken Word

David Whited 29, Smart Bombs..., Poem

Feature: Citizen, Subject, Slave

John Olson 32, City of Words, Essay, "Fugitive Words"

Christine Deavel 35 If Everything Is Holy, Poem

Jody Aliesan 36 After Raven carried water up for snow she slid
down the icefields to make fire
, Poem

Jody Aliesan 37 we can't see straight either, Poem

Bryan Miller 38 Mugging In Early Morning, Poem

Marion Kimes 39 Mornings When The Hummingbird & The Moon Both Linger, Poem

Marion Kimes 39 On Putting Myself In Prison, Poem

Matt Briggs 40 The Mall , Fiction, "A Place To Find Refuge"

Oliver Rice 44 Adrift From The Interstate , Poem

Oliver Rice 45 In Dubuque, In Corinth, Poem

Scott T. Starbuck 46 What I Think of American History, Poem

Howard Winn 47 Siege, Poem

Mary Ann Mayer 48 Cell Phone Conversation Overheard In Logan Terminal B, Poem

Robert Gregory 49 Just Now, Poem

C.P. Mangel 50 Poinciana Pulcherrima, Poem

Janee J. Baugher 51 Le Verrou, 1784, Poem

John Olson 52 Cities Of The Future, Essay, "Checking to see if there is a pulse..."

Paul Hunter 58 Erasure, Poem

Paul Hunter 59 At The Wall , Poem

Art & Artists

I.H. Kuniyuki: 34, 65, Photos

Cheri Matthew: 39, Drawing

Molly Norris: 14, Mixed Media

Polly Purvis: 3, 30, Photos

Sebastiao Salgado: Front cover, 7, Photos

Roberto Valenza: 17, Photo


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