Vol. 14, No. 1: "LEGACIES"

Several times a year we create an online Raven which mirrors our print issue(s). This is a condensed, excerpted version of our print issue. Our online magazine also features work (like Art Attack) unique to our web site and not found in print anywhere.

Table of Contents: Legacies

Raven Notes

Publisher's Notes

Credits & Acknowledgments, 96

Graphic Artists' Bios, 96

Beyond Borders: Mapping the Terrain

Kathleen Alcala, 06, The Illegal Alien as Flaneur, Essay

Thomas Hubbard, 08, Citizen, Subject, Slave, Essay


Judith Roche, 57, Pat and Mary , Poem

Food & Culture

Greta Aart, 15, China , Poem,

David Bolduc, 16, December Perennial, Poem

Joe Mills, 18, The Shapes of Childhood, Essay

Nature Writing

Carolyne Wright, 13, Heading for Cover: Great Salt Lake, Utah, Poem

Chavawn Kelley, 14, 13 Ways of Living with Corvids, Poem

The Northwest

Martha Grover, 20, The 4 Elements of Hip Hop, Portland, Oregon..., Essay

Martha Grover, 22, Element One: Graffiti, This Place Existed Now, Essay


Elizabeth Myhr, 27, Reaching into Chaos: The Immanence of Fracture in
Contemporary American Poetry
, Essay

Prison Writings: Inside & Out

Shon R. Hopwood, 81, You Still Have Time To Move, Story

David Matlin, 85, It Might Do Well With Strawberries,
Introduction & excerpt from forthcoming book

Rants, Raves & Reviews

Jody Aliesan 88, True North/Nord Vrai ,
Reviewed by Cal Kinnear

J.W. Marshall, 89, Meaning A Cloud,
Reviewed by Elizabeth Myhr

Derick Burleson, 90, Never Night,
Reviewed by Elizabeth Myhr

Luke Warm Water, 91, Iktomi's Uprising,
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

Megan A. Volpert, 93, domestic transmission:
poems for the next generation of housewives
Reviewed by Janet Edwards

Spoken Word

Steve Potter, 33, Deer Season, Pennsylvania, circe 1978, Poem

Steve Potter, 34, Ben Riley Monk Legacy Septet, Poem

Paul Hunter, 35, Something But What, Poem

Paul Hunter, 36, Life at the End of the Road, Poem

Larry Laurence, 37, low grassy benches which bore them having washed away:
Beach 3, La Push, WA
, Poem

Feature: Legacies

Anna Balint, 38, Alexander "Sandy" Taylor, Essay

Anna Balint, 42, Vera Grace Balint, 1924-2007, Essay

Vera Grace Balint, 43, Your Flight is Calling, Named, 2 Poems

Priscilla Long, 44, Elegy for Roz, Essay

Donna Miscolta, 46, The Little Brown Man from Los Banos, Essay

Elizabeth Smither, 49, Two adorable things about Mozart, Poem

Walter Mercer, 50, His story, as told to Trudy Mercer, Spoken Word

Allen Braden, 55, The Spook House, Poem

Jesse Minkert, 56, The Legacy of Jack Straw, Essay

Michael Hureaux, 58, Alfredo Valenzuela, 1937-2008, Prose Poem

Gary Greaves, 59, Abe Osheroff, Bob Reed & Dutch Schultz, Essay

Larry Matsuda, 63, Higo's Five and Dime, Poem

Paul Nelson, 64, On Charles Potts Laffing Water (Water) from Walla (Walla), Essay

John Olson, 66, What Next?, Essay

Wendy Call, 69, The Last Five Years, Essay

Kaye Linden, 71, A Homeless Legacy, Flash Fiction

Lois Rosen, 73, The Sons of Judea's Chanukah Dinner, Fiction

Patrick Carrington, 98, Scrubbing Macgillycuddy's Reeks, Poem

Art & Artists

Jesse Bernstein: 97, 99, Drawings

Vittorio F. Cavalli: 7, 9, 82, Drawings

Yvonne Garcia: 3, 19, 35, Photos

Martha Grover: 21, 23, 25, 26, Photos

I.H. Kuniyuki: 15, 33, 41, 56, 72, 77, 80, 87, Photos

Nikolai Lesnikow: 17, Photo


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