Vol. 14, No. 2: "Architecture In Literature: Doors, Windows & Walls"

Table of Contents:

Raven Notes

Credits & Acknowledgments, 98-99

Artists'/Poets' Bios,31, 96-97

Cultural Geography

Camincha, 19, The Right Meaning/El Buen Sentido
Translation of Cesar Vallejo poem

Kathryn Christman, 08, Guera, Fiction

Matthew E. Henry (MEH), 21, Sarah Rose (Rosie) Williams
remembers her Mama,

Michelle J. Keller, 06, Can You Explain Please?, Essay

Charles Lowe, 13, Dear Mrs. Wei Wei, Fiction

Emerging Voices

Antonio Brown, 23, Lunatic, poem

Antonio Brown, 23, Graffiti, poem

Rosalie Raine, 22, Wind, fiction

Food & Culture

Paul S. Piper, 24, Camp French Toast , Poem

Marion Kimes, 25, December Soup Of The Night, Poem

Nature Writing

William Keener, 41, Back to the Hive, Poem

Odes to Persons, Places & Things

Elizabeth Alexander, 26, Remorse, for John Akins, Essay

Seattle 5 & 1, 28, Tribute to Irene Drennan, 1922-2008, Essay

Irene Drennan, 30, Pike Place Market Incident, Poem

Kathleen Alcala, 37, Tribute to Gary Greaves, 1951-2009, Essay

John Olson, 38, Tribute to Gary Greaves, Essay

Bill Pawlyk, 39, Tribute to Gary Greaves, Essay

Gary Greaves, 40, Nightwalk, Poem

Susan Noyes Platt, 32, Selma Waldman, In Memoriam, 1931-2008, Essay


Greta Aart, 42, 2008 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature: J-M G. Le Clezio, Essay

Rants, Raves & Reviews

J-M G. Le Clezio, 79, Wandering Star,
Reviewed by Anna Balint

Carol Guess, 82, Tinderbox Lawn,
Reviewed by Matt Briggs

John Olson, 81, Souls of Wind,
Reviewed by Matt Briggs

Allison A. Hedge Coke, 87, Off-Season Pipe,
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

Tom Holm, 86, The Osage Rose,
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

Jesse Minkert, 94, Shortness of Breath & Other Symptoms,
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard and Belle Randall

Matthew C. Roberts, 88, The Path of Water: An Interview with James Bertolino,
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

Mariela Griffor, 83, House,
Reviewed by Brian Volck

Joannie Stangeland, 84, Weathered Steps,
Reviewed by Elizabeth Myhr

Susan Kelly-DeWitt, 85, The Fortunate Islands,
Reviewed by James Southam

Matt Briggs, 89, The End is the Beginning,
Reviewed by Joe Ponepinto

Marion Kimes, 95, Last Year's Horse,
Reviewed by Judith Roche

Deborah Woodard, 90, Plato's Bad Horse,
Reviewed by Carolyne Wright

Spoken Word

Paul Hunter, 50, Providential, Poem

Feature: Architecture In Literature

Katherine Ayars, 64, Like the Leg of a Y, Fiction

Caleb Barber, 69, Captain Fidalgo, Poem

Ajani Burrell, 70, Hairgeist, Fiction

Tom Delmore, 56, Light in the Foyer, Poem

Charles Haddox, 48, Ants, Fiction

Marion Kimes, 63, Easements, Poem

Matthew Mercier, 58, Poe's Cottage, Essay

Cleo Molina, 56, Asi, No Mas, Poem

L.A. Owens, 45, Up North, Poem

Sofia Rhei, 46, Bluebeard Possibilities, Fiction, translated by Lawrence Schimel

Dave Seter, 62, Windows, Poem

Joannie Stangeland, 100, An Opening, Poem

James Toupin, 44, Why the Wall Hates the Window, Poem

Art & Artists

Kathleen Alcala: 9, Photo

Betty Bastai: 71, Drawing

Sean Bentley: 45, 59, 72, Photos

Greta Bolger: Front Cover, 5, Photos

Joan Bowers: 47, 51, 57, Photos

Antonio Brown: 23, Photos

Steve Cartwright: 9, Photo

F. Davis Johnson: 41, Photo

Betsy Karasik: 7, Mixed Media

Deborah McGee: 3, Photo

Rob Prout: 14, 49, 63, Photos

Dana Squires: 24, 25, Mixed Medai

Selma Waldman: 33, 34, 35, Mixed Media

Ron Westman: 99, Mixed Media

Linda Woods: 65, 67, Photos


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