Vol. 15, No. 2: "The Family Corvidae"

Cover Photo by C.E. Skinner, "Nesting Material."

Table of Contents:

Editor's Notes


Letter to the Editor

Artists' Bios

Cultural Geography

Elizabeth Enslin, Meeting My Future in the Dark, essay

Food & Culture

Kate Carroll De Gutes, On The Hotdish Highway, essay

Lee Passarella, After Katrina, poem

Lois Rosen, Seedless Grapes, fiction

Nature Writing

Lorraine Berry, Nostalgia, essay


Christopher J. Jarmick, Salmon Sunsets & Rose Alley Ways,
A Conversation with
David D. Horowitz

Rants, Raves & Reviews

Magda Szabo, The Door,
Reviewed by Anna Balint

Michael Daley, Way Out There: Lyrical Essays,
Reviewed by J. Glenn Evans

John Amen, At the Threshold of Alchemy,
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

Anna Balint, Horse Thief
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, Vol. 25, No. 3, Winter 2010 Georgia S. McDade, Outside the Cave
African-American Writers' Alliance, Threads
Reviewed by Susan Platt

Ed Skoog, Mister Skylight,
Reviewed by Zara Raab

Finn Wilcox, Lesson Learned - Love Poems
Reviewed by Bill Yake

Spoken Word

Anita Endrezze, Simple Jay, storytelling

Feature: The Family Corvidae

Marion Blue, Learning to Fly Again, essay

Marianne Broyles, Albuquerque Morning, After, poem

Jennifer Clark, At a Crossroads in Japan, poem

Liz N. Clift, When There Were Murders, fiction

Anita Endrezze, Letter to Raven from her sister Crow, poem

Donna Fox, Cotton, poem

Paul Hunter, Scarecrow, poem

David Jordan, The Sadness, poem

S. Keller, St. Paul's Congregation, poem

R.M. Kinder, The Awakening of Plum, fiction

Cal Kinnear, Haikus for Crow, poem

Cal Kinnear, Crow on a fence, poem

Eric le Fatte, 8 Ball, poem

Kelly Lenox, Crow in a Crosswalk, poem

John Lentz, Thunder's Daughter, fiction

Tim McNulty, Solitude, poem

CR Manley, Dawn Chorus, poem

J.W. Marshall, Robins Chase Crow, poem

Kate Robinson, Crowing About Ravens, essay

Amy Schutzer, Etymology, poem

Laura L. Snyder, Crow, poem

Kaz Sussman, directions to my place as the crow flies, poem

Brigit Truex, Impromptu, poem

Felice Sea Wyndham, A Long Spring Day, poem

Art & Artists

Marion Blue: Photographs

Anita Endrezze: Paintings, mixed media

F. Davis Johnson: Photograph

I.H. Kuniyuki: Photographs

Dawn Livera: Artist Trading Cards

Kathee Miller: Photographs

Robin Susanto: Photographs

Catherine Eaton Skinner: Photographs

Marilyn Stablein: Assemblage

Betsy Town: Paintings


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