Vol. 16, No. 1-2: "Matters of the Spirit"

Cover Photo by Sharon M. Carter, "Locked Up"

Table of Contents:

Editor's Notes


Artists' Bios

The Family Corvidae

Wynne Huddleston, Crow on My Front Lawn, poem

Isadora J. Wagner, Darkwing, fiction


Cultural Geography

Anna Balint, Interview with Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, The Poem as Spiritual Exercise

Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, Moon Chased by Dogs, poem, Spanish/English

Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, The Distance, poem, Spanish/English

Jean Musser, November In Portugal, poem

Food & Culture

Jacqueline Haskins, Barefoot Kitchen, essay

Nature Writing

Cynthia Neely, Birding at the Potholes, poem

Odes to Persons, Places & Things

Esther Altshul Helfgott, Teaching Crysta Casey, essay
Trisha Ready, Crysta Casey, essay
Nick Lawson,
Philip Larkin, essay
M. Anne Sweet, Mary's Song (Ode to Makah Songless Dancer), poem



Jody Aliesan, The Role of the Poet in Contemporary Culture(s), 1996 essay

Rants, Raves & Reviews

Scott Sparling, Wire to Wire
Reviewed by Kathleen Alcala

Leo Tolstoy
, How Much Land Does A Man Need
Reviewed by Kathleen Alcala

Donna Miscolta, When the de la Cruz Family Danced
Reviewed by Nilki Benitez

Edward Smith, Truth Has Fallen in the Street
Reviewed by Jim Bodeen

Sarah Zale, The Art of Folding
Reviewed by Barbara Bowen

Michael Daley, Moonlight in the Redemptive Forest
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

Ralph Salisbury, The Indian Who Bombed Berlin
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, La musa lunatica/The Lunatic Muse
Reviewed by Thomas Hubbard

Susan Platt, Art and Politics Now
Reviewed by Priscilla Long and Elizabeth Myhr

Anna Swir, Building The Barricade and other Poems
Reviewed by Christopher Miles

Peter Blair, Farang
Reviewed by Zara Raab

George Bilgere, The White Museum
Reviewed by Zara Raab

Rudy Martin Jr., Seaside Stories
Reviewed by Bill Ransom

Feature: Matters of the Spirit

Elizabeth Alexander, Tenebrae, 1967, fiction

Ginny Banks, Three Snapshots, essay

Jennifer Berney, We May Walk Alone, essay

James Bertolino, Emerging Islands, poem

Rajasvini Bhansali, Growing the Jain Way, essay

Stefani Christova, The House with Twelve Rooms, fiction

Craig Curtis, Wildebeest, fiction

Mike Dillon, Really Trying to Pray, But, poem

Anita Endrezze, Dreams of Running, poem

Susan Erickson, Credo for August, poem

Anita Feng, Mind the Steering Wheel, poem

Chris Jarmick, Faith, poem

Sandra Jensen, The Offering, fiction

Sheila Golurgh Johnson, For Peter, poem

Lois P. Jones, Planchette, poem

Carol Levin, Say No More, poem

Jeanne Lohmann, Stripping Down, A Potlatch Poem, poem

Michael Magee, Touched, poem

Kevin Miller, No Doubt, poem

Kay Mullen, The Perfect Stranger, poem

Dave Seter, Open Window (Katoomba, Australia), poem

Tim Sherry, The Bird Behind Jesus, poem

Scott T. Starbuck, Ordinary Grass on Cascade Head, poem

James Toupin, The Unrevealed, poem

Ruth Whitney, Dark Harbor, poem

Art & Artists

Ginny Banks: Photographs

Joan Bowers: Photographs

Sharon M. Carter: Photographs, Front & Back Cover

Kayt Hoch: Photograph

Lois Jones: Photograph

I.H. Kuniyuki: Photographs

Nick Lawson: Photograph

Deborah McGee: Photographs


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