Vol. 17, No. 1-2: "A Sense of Place"

Table of Contents: (print & online)

Editor's Notes


Artists' Bios

COVER ART: "Temple Lao Dhammacetiyaram, #5" photo by Maryna Ajaja

The Family Corvidae

Penelope Moffet, And Kaw Comes Back For More, poem

Elizabeth Schultz, Ravens, poem

Cultural Geography/Beyond Borders

David Lunde & Mary M.Y. Fung, Living on the Boat, translation of
poem by Mingben (1263-1323)

Judith Skillman, Israel, poem

Eugenia Toledo & Carolyne Wright, Map Traces/Trazas de mapa, poem, Spanish/English

Emerging Voices

Brenda Brito, Who Will You Dance with Tonight?, poem

Erika Teschke, The Other Side of the Fence, nonfiction

Food & Culture

Lorraine Healy, Ode to Butterscotch Pudding, poem

Odes to Persons, Places & Things

D.V. Klenak, Memorial For John T. Williams, essay

Judith Roche, Memorial for Robert Ellis Gordon, essay

Spoken Word

Bill Shively, Working At High Altitude, poem

Rants, Raves & Reviews

Letter to the Editor
Susan Noyes Platt

Edited by Stacey Lynn Brown & Oliver de la Paz, An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry
Reviewed by Tiffany Midge

Paul Hunter, Stubble Field
Reviewed by Tim McNulty

David Lee, Texas Wildflowers: A Triptych
Reviewed by John W. Marshall

dan raphael, The State I'm In
Reviewed by Bill Shively

Judith Skillman, The White Cypress
Reviewed by Michael Daley

Wally Shoup, Music As Adventure, Collected Writings of Wally Shoup
Reviewed by Dennis Rea

Clemens Starck, Rembrandt, Chainsaw
Reviewed by John W. Marshall

Robert Sund, Notes from Disappearing Lake
Reviewed by Larry Laurence

Molly Tenenbaum, The Cupboard Artist
Reviewed by Larry Laurence

David Lloyd Whited, Olde Man Coyote Goes to Towne
Reviewed by Michael Hureaux Perez

Carolyne Wright, Mania Klepto: the Book of Eulene
Reviewed by Judith Roche

Occupy Seattle Comes to My Living Room
Reviewed by Susan Noyes Platt

Feature: A Sense of Place

Liana Vrajitoru Andreasen, The Puppet Show, fiction

Anna Balint, Carletta Carrington Wilson's Poem of Stone and Bone, essay

Kimberly L. Becker, Probable Places, poem

bevin, Above the Nooksack Valley, nonfiction

Barbara Biles, Shifting, fiction

Jane Blanchard, Waterfall, poem

Jeff Crandall, Nothing in Pitigliano, poem

Craig Curtis, Houses, fiction

Matt Cygny, Cogs of Mad Gods, nonfiction

Michael Daley, Shaggy Mane, poem

Angela Gilliam, Rescue & Revival of a Seattle Legend, essay

John Grey, The Man From The Sea, poem

Ed Harkness, Great Apes at the Zoo, poem

Lorraine Healy, Panhandle Sonnet, poem

Thomas Hubbard, An Indigenous Sense of Place, essay

Bette Lynch Husted, Speaking Animal, poem

Bette Lynch Husted, Bear Map, poem

J.I. Kleinberg, Griffith Park, poem

Meredith Kunsa, Anonymity, poem

Gigi Marks, Territory, poem

Gigi Marks, This Cradle is Rocking, poem

Marjorie Power, Near the Parroquia, poem

Timothy Roos, November Blast, poem

Anna Elizabeth Schmidt, What I Saw, poem

Nancy Scott, Safe Place at Wilder Park, poem

Elizabeth Smither, The young women at the station, poem

Barbara L. Thomas, Call of the Wild, poem

Gary Thompson, Man With Apples, poem

Carletta Carrington Wilson, Poem of Stone and Bone, poem

Art & Artists

Maryna Ajaja, photos, Lao Dhammacetiyaram Temple, 98118 project

Kathleen Gunton, Raven photo

Irene Kuniyuki, photos

Deborah McGee, photos

Willie Pugh, photo, 98118 project

M. Anne Sweet, photos, South Park Bridge, Seattle, WA

Marilyn Stablein, photo, Raven Still Life


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