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  • Raven Chronicles, Vol. 25: Balancing Acts


    Raven Chronicles, Vol. 25:

    In 346 pages, writers and artists examine the theme “Balancing Acts,” how we live our life, fully, and maintain our relationship with the earth/planet and the diversity of life on it. Biodiversity is balance in the dance of nature. Edited by: Anna Bálint, Phoebe Bosché, Matt Briggs, Paul Hunter, Doug Johnson. The U.S. contributors in this Balancing Acts-themed Journal live in seventeen states—Washington, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, Illinois, New Jersey, , Virginia, Idaho, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Florida, Washington, D.C.; and 52% are from Washington State. Contributors, particularly visual artists, also hail from ten countries—U.S., Germany, Colombia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Canada, Chile, Singapore. There are 58 illustrations/artworks in Vol. 25.

  • Raven Chronicles, Vol. 24, HOME


    Raven Chronicles, Vol. 24, HOME features the work of 14 artists/illustrators and 68 writers from 21 states and 3 countries (India, Nigeria, Canada). Edited by Kathleen Alcalá, Anna Bálint, Phoebe Bosché, Paul Hunter, and Stephanie Lawyer. Published by Raven Chronicles Press.

  • Raven Chronicles Journal, Vol. 23


  • Words From the Cafe, An Anthology


    Words From the Café: An Anthology of Voices of People in Recovery
    Edited by Anna Bálint; Photos by Willie J. Pugh
    Published by Raven Chronicles Press
    ISBN 978-0-9979468-0-2
    This is includes a CD featuring 10 writers in the book reading stories & poems. Recorded at Jack Straw Studios.


  • Raven Chronicles Magazine, Vol. 22


    Raven Chronicles Magazine, Vol. 22, Celebration Issue

  • Raven Chronicles Magazine, Vol. 21


    Raven Chronicles, Vol. 21: Laugh. Laugh? Laugh! theme.

  • Raven Chronicles Magazine, Vol. 20, Sound Tracks


    Raven Chronicles Magazine, Vol. 20, Sound Tracks issue