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Raven Chronicles Magazine, Vol. 20, Sound Tracks


Raven Chronicles Magazine, Vol. 20, Sound Tracks issue

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In the magazine, Vol. 20:

Front Cover Artwork: Michael, #4, at Gallery 1412, photograph by Kayt Hoch. Back Cover Artwork: Lucio, #7, at Gallery 1412, photograph by Kayt Hoch.

Reviews of books authored by:
Holly Hughes, Kim-An Lieberman, Tim McNulty, Editor David L. Moore, Editor Susan Musgrave, Duane Niatum, Craig Santos Perez, Curator E. Carmen Ramos, Editor Michael D. Welch

The work of Artists:
Sue Clancy, Kathleen Gunton, Kayt Hoch, IH. Kuniyuki, Jesse Minkert, Willie Pugh, Rob Prout, Marilyn Stablein, St. James H. Wood, Bill Yake

 Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Nonfiction, Reviews by:
Anna Báint, Anne Liu Kellor, Mai-Lon Gittelsohn, Carolyne Wright, Donald W. Butler, Johnnie Powell, Tamar Hirsch, Shelby Smith, Mike Dillon, Paul Hunter, Marion Kimes, Terry Martin, Zara Raab, Larry Crist, Bill Yake, Tim McNulty, Judith Roche, Larry Laurence, Tiffany Midge, Frances McCue, Cali Kopczick, Dandi Meng, Kelli Alvarez, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Susan Noyes Platt, Thomas Hubbard, Allegra V. Davis, Anne Frantilla, Terra Trevor, Jeannel Morel, Sharon Hashimoto, Dana Dickerson, Levi Fuller, M.L. Lyons, Julie E. Bloemeke, Cathy Carlisi, Dennis Caswell, Rupert Fike, Nancy Flynn, Gregory Fraser, Melissa Ginsburg, Bob Gregory, Beth Gylys, Christy G. Hanson, Kayt Hoch, Chelene Knight, Charles Leggett, Christopher Martin, Timothy Roos, Frank Rossini, Judith Skillman, Elizabeth Smither, Ann Teplick.


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