Words From the Cafe Reading

Elliott Bay Book Company,
1521 10th Ave,
Seattle, Sunday, March 5, 3-5 pm.

Join us for another great reading from Anna Bálint‘s class at the Recovery Cafe. Cohosted by Tod Marshall, current Washington State Poet Laureate.

WORDS FROM THE CAFÉ, An Anthology (Raven Chronicles Press) edited by Anna Bálint. A group reading, co-presented by Tod Marshall, Washington State Poet Laureate, 3pm, Sunday, March 5th.Every Friday at Seattle’s Recovery Café, people struggling with addiction or mental illness or homelessness come together in Anna Bálint’s Safe Place Writing Circle to write and share writing. Here they discover their own unique voices and ways of shaping language to write stories and poems as part of reclaiming their lives. Words from the Café, a book/cd compilation, introduces us to voices from some of the most marginalized members of society.

“Gritty details are, perhaps, to be expected in an anthology of poems gathered from a group of writers who come together in recovery. What’s so astonishing about this collection is the range of emotions and the quality of the writing: joy and grief, exuberance and ennui, as well as a host of other emotions, all dwell together in this compelling book…Words From the Café reminds us that every day is a challenge to find our best selves and that art—poetry, story, song—can connect us.” –Tod Marshal

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