(Palabra + Arte = WordArt)

Writing Workshop/Retreat in Mexico

San Miguel vista  San Francisco church  El Chorro

November 14 - 24, 2003
in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Want to start on or finish a novel, play or collection of short stories or poems? Join a unique writers' workshop in the Central Highlands of Mexico this fall. The PalabrArte (WordArt) Workshop-Retreat offers a ten-day writing experience in the beautiful colonial town of San Miguel de Allende. Enrollment is limited to twelve on a first-come basis. Register today!

THE WORKSHOP: Palabrarte is interested in creating, fostering and maintaining an international community of socially conscious writers who are also culturally sensitive and adventurous. The content of this peer-interactive workshop will be determined by the interests and materials brought to the table by the participants. Workshop meetings will offer opportunities to present work and receive feedback from the other writers.

The location: The workshop will hold meetings in the conference room of the Quinta Loreto hotel, which also offers a swimming pool, beautiful gardens and patios, and an excellent moderately priced restaurant. The hotel is conveniently located near the center of San Miguel, adjacent to the colorful Artisans' Alley and farmer's market.


The schedule: All participants must arrive in San Miguel in time for our orientation dinner on Friday, November 14, during which the organizers will present information about local conditions and meeting schedules, and participants will introduce themselves and their work. We will meet for the subsequent five days (November 15-19) to read and comment on each others' work. Writing activities will be optional on the Mexican holiday of November 20 - Day of the Revolution - when there will be many festivities in town. Then we will continue to meet for the next three days (November 21-23). On the final night we will hold a closing event, such as a public reading, chosen by the group.

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open market

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE: San Miguel is an ideal place for a retreat - you can get away from it all but at the same time experience one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse towns in Mexico. San Miguel's picturesque cobbled streets, gracious colonial-style buildings, plazas and churches, mild climate and international community have delighted writers and artists from throughout the world for decades. The two international airports that serve San Miguel are the Bajio Airport (BJX) near León, Guanajuato, about 1-1/2 hour from San Miguel; and Mexico City (MEX), about 4 hours from San Miguel.

HEALTH IN MEXICO: If you have not traveled in Mexico before, we advise you to check with your doctor about what to expect and how to prepare for it. We're willing to answer questions you might have about life in San Miguel, but the workshop is not in any way responsible for your health.

COSTS: We are charging only an administrative fee of $100 per writer. Double-occupancy at the Quinta Loreto is approximately $22/person/night and single-occupancy $40/person/night (the exact amount depends upon the current exchange). You can make your own reservations either at the Quinta Loreto ( or at another hotel in central San Miguel (see for a listing of hotels). If you would like the organizers to help you make reservations at the Quinta for a 15% fee, we can accept U.S. personal checks, and will email or fax you a confirmation.

RESERVATIONS: To reserve your place in the workshop, send the application form below before October 1, 2003. Upon receipt of your application, we will indicate availability of space in the workshop and ask you to send your non-refundable administrative fee to Palabrarte within one week of your application. We recommend that you make your housing arrangements at least one month in advance (by October 15, 2003).


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Please write a brief statement of your objective in attending this workshop, and tell us about your writing experience and publication history.

Have you traveled in Mexico before and do you have any special needs that we should know about?

How did you find out about this workshop?

Comments or questions? Please note here if you would like for the organizers to help you make your hotel reservations, and we will get your particulars by e-mail.

Email this form to The Palabrarte Workshops in Mexico by pressing the SEND application button below.

When we receive your application, we will respond with an email message confirming your space in the workshop, and ask you to send a check for $100 to "Raven Chronicles" to:

J. L. Thal
Palabrarte Workshops
1251 Rutledge St, Apt 2
Madison WI 54703

We advise that you make your housing arrangements at least one month in advance of the workshop (by October 15, 2003).

Thank You

NOTE: if you have problems sending this application form,
or if you don't receive a reply within two days, please write to with a copy to
for a text-only email application form.