Submissions Wanted: Take a Stand: Art Against Hate, A Raven Chronicles Anthology

Take a Stand: Art Against Hate,
A Raven Chronicles Press Anthology

The legacy of hate takes many forms. In these urgent times human rights are under renewed attack: for example, the right to seek asylum, reproductive rights, access to affordable healthcare and housing, and the right to vote. Mosques, African American churches, synagogues, the LGBTQ community, people of color going about their daily lives—all have become targets of hate crimes. Thousands sleep on the streets of our cities. Kids are gunned down in their schools. Journalists are murdered for writing unpopular truths about undemocratic regimes. Mass grassroots resistance is also on the rise: Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, the Women’s March, the #MeToo Movement, and the #NeverAgain movement started by the young survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

We are looking for work (poems, fiction/flash fiction, nonfiction/ flash non-fiction, b/w art) that gives voice to and is a part of that resistance. Our goal? To build and publish an anthology as a vehicle for positive change in response to the growing climate of hate. We need work that references and identifies specific legacies, personal histories, and stories of conditions that we (and others) face daily. Sub-categories to explore:

gender equality/reproductive rights/women rights
affordable healthcare and housing
climate change/the environment
the right to vote/equality of representation
religious hatred and bias
LGBTQ discrimination
racial discrimination
violence/gun violence

 Submission Guidelines

Submissions accepted ONLY from:
Feb. 15, 2019 to May 1, 2019

Anna Bálint, Esther Altshul Helfgott, Thomas Hubbard
Artwork: Phoebe Bosché

General Submission & Manuscript Guidelines

 How to submit work: We use for our submission platform.submit is easy to use once you have created your free account. Then you can click here (above) to submit your work or search for Raven Chronicles. If you cannot use this platform for any reason, please email us at, or call: 206-941-2955. WE WILL TAKE EMAILED SUBMISSIONS BUT ONLY AS A LAST RESORT: IT IS MUCH MORE WORK FOR THE EDITORS. So create a submittable account and then submit to Raven. If you have to email your work FIRST contact us so we can tell you how to email your work (as attachments, NOT embedded in email).

  • Previously published work: we will accept previous published; note publication history with submission.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please indicate this in your cover letter and notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Submissions received outside of the reading period will be, sadly, returned unread.
  • We aim for a response time of 4 weeks after submission deadline.
  • You can submit work under two genres, but only one submission per genre. In other words, a max of 2 submissions per person.
  • Raven Chronicles does not charge reading fees, but we do ask that you submit using the online submission manager during the open reading period unless you are unable to access an internet connection.
  • For all submissions:12 point Palatino font preferred, or similar standard font: no fancy script, please! Difficult to read.
  • Poetry: Send a maximum of two poems. No restrictions on form or content, but our focus is on content that melds with form — whether traditional or experimental. 12 point font. NEW OF NOTE: We now publish in book format, 6×9 inches, with interior pages 4×7 inches, so we can’t publish poems with extra long lines, or if we do so, your lines will be turned by the editors. You may only revise work UPON acceptance. In other words DO NOT EDIT or rewrite poems after submitted.
  • Fiction/Flash FictionSend a maximum of two stories. Submit 1,500 words max, double-spaced, 12 point font. You may only revise work UPON acceptance.
  • Nonfiction/Flash Non-Fiction: Send a maximum of two essays/memoirs, etc.Submit 1,500 words max, double-spaced, 12 point font. You may only revise work UPON acceptance.
  • Artwork: Send a max of 5 submissions: b/w art/photos/cartoons/drawing/paintings, etc. Send via or via email ( Send jpegs or pdfs only. ONLY If your artwork is chosen: All accepted artwork must be 300 dpi tiffs: meaning scanned originally as a tiff (not a jpeg), or shot as high resolution digital image; save the image with no compression; scanned at 300 dpi for web press; Our anthology is book format and the pages are max 4×7 for portrait/vertical oriented artwork (preferred orientation); 7×4 for horizontal oriented work.